For the fashionable cold weather lovely

Well today is a snow day! It is absolutely ridiculous outside for a Seattle day. All I can think about right now is how cold it is, and how cold I am. Our poor tiny excuses for wall heaters just can't handle this, so to pass the time I started thinking about clothes.

A couple of things have caught my attention this winter, and I think all of them are a recycled, updated version of fashion's past. I've been wanting a turban since I saw them in August. When I found quite a number of gorgeous ones on the The Future of Frances,  I decided right then and there that I definitely had to have one (and pretty much the outfits as well). I think the Jersey Turban would look so unexpected, but lovely paired with the military-inspired coat from Dear Fieldbinder. 

No. 1 Jersey Turban, The Future of Frances. No. 2 Wool Epaulet Coat, Dear Fieldbinder.

I also quite love how the gun-metal grey velvet turban looks with a vintage style peep-toe shoe ... Don't you? 

 No. 3 Gun Metal Grey Velvet Turban, The Future of Frances. No. 4 Boulevard Peep toe Shoe, Dear Fieldbinder.

And with all this cold, cold wind and winter blowing around, all I can think about is wearing something fuzzy on my head cozy boots (with a little more personality than Ugg) on my feet.

No. 5 Pieces Faux Fur Headband, Asos. No. 6 AKA Valenki Boot with black rubber galoshi, AKA Culture.
Anytime of year I love wearing brown, but I think it especially appropriate for Fall and Winter. I think I could pretty much find any excuse to wear a lovely dress and simple ring in brown ... this lovely just happens to be made from wool and polyester, perfect dress up for these cold days and nights. 

No. 7 Wood Inset Ring, L.L. Bean Signature. No. 8 Ramona Wool Dress, Dear Fieldbinder.

For Christmas I thought long and hard how wonderful it would be to dress for the occasion but in colors that weren't so blatant in their holiday content. This off green dress and tangerine trimmed pea coat seem to be just such the remedy.

No. 9 Butter Soft Cream Leather Bow Dress, The Future of Frances. No. 10 Wool Pea Coat, Dear Fieldbinder.