Gifts for the Urban Lumberjack?

I feel like I'm on a roll with gift guides. Its just so much fun to "window shop" and not necessarily buy. I  suppose you could call this urban lumberjack ... really not sure... its got an urban twist, so it definitely not just lumberjack... Or you could just call it woodsy? On any account, this time of year and fortunately this season, has brought with it warm cozy sweaters and plaid everywhere. I quite love these Bunny Ear Muffs from The Future of Frances on etsy although I don't think I could handle buying them (as I love bunnies alive more than on my ears). I also found the Bjork boots and Nordic leggings on Need Supply (I know, I know I can't stop pretend shopping on this site).

I also was quite taken with the Downeaster sport wool plaid bag, and even though the idea of wearing real fur sort of grosses me out, the faux fur trapper hat does the trick potentially. Enjoy!